Introduction to ACE the ACEM - Webinar

Dr M Z Pandie introduces the ACE the ACEM course with a full HD webinar. Dr Pandie is a dual trained FACEM and PEM Paediatrician with 10 years of experience on the ACEM SAQ exam committee (16 ACEM exam cycles x 30 questions = 450 SAQ's reviewed as part of The SAQ Exam Committee 2009-2017).

This webinar will take 120 min to complete.

This webinar includes:

1x STEMI SAQ with review of chest pain guidelines

1x Pneumonia SAQ with review of aspiration pneumonia

1x COPD MCQ with review of COPD guidelines

A detailed review of the ACEM curriculum, the key topics to cover for the exam and the resources, textbooks or articles to use for review of these topics.

A discussion on how SAQ exam questions are set, a discussion on 'modifiers' and there importance in exam prep.

An invaluable guide to start your preparation and planning for the ACEM Fellowship Exam.

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