Respiratory Medicine 2 - Webinar - PE, Pneumomediastinum, Interstitial

Respiratory Medicine 2 is a webinar that continues to review the respiratory topics in the EM syllabus as part of the ACE the ACEM program. In addition, more ECG questions and Airway questions are included.

It will take 2 hours to complete this webinar.

Difficult case based short answer questions include:

PE Classification

Indications for thrombolysis in PE

Immunocompromised patients with chest disease

Pneumomediastinum - cxr findings, clinical diagnosis and management

Interstitial Lung disease - classification, CXR findings

ECG topics:

VT classification

Benign non structural VT

WPW - diagnosis and risk stratification

Airway - management of a burns patient

Brund and Lowder charts vs rule of nines

Parklands formula vs modified Brookes formula

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